“Binge-watching […] is the practice of watching television for a long time span, usually of a single television show.” says Wikipedia.

Over the course of the last weekend, I managed to watch the entirety of the online web-series RWBY. Whilst I am now absolutely in love with the show, I do wish that I’d taken the advice of somebody to be more careful watching the 3rd volume.

When watching a show as it is being released (e.g. every week), there is enough time between episodes to recover your thoughts and start forming opinions on what you’re watching. This isn’t quite the case when binge-watching a show, since the gap between episodes could be as small as a few seconds. As a result, the end result can be somewhat… overwhelming, to say the least.

I’m not trying to deter you, dear reader, from watching lots of episodes of a show in a row, but just be aware that it’s perfectly okay to take a break between episodes. It might even be better by letting you think about events of the show.

And, until next time, o/

Sidenote: This blog is getting a lot more rambley. No idea if that’s for the better of for the worse, but it’s too late at this point.