2018: A Year in Review

It’s the part of the year where people are staying inside with more layers of clothes on, where families will inevitably argue over board games, and where I haven’t bothered to avoid that song (mostly because I lost the Pogues game on the 2nd…). It’s also the day of the... [Read More]

A Jammy's Journey in London

This has been a great weekend. It was my first time visiting London, and I went to attend a meetup with the community I’m a part of (the Noxsquad, who are people that are fans/friends of the Noxcrew, and RASA Studios, a subset of the Noxsquad that make the gameshow... [Read More]

Hello Again

It’s an odd feeling, that of a goodbye. You know it’s going to happen, and you can know roughly when it’s going to happen. You can spend days wishing you wouldn’t have to get to that point and then… it’s already passed by and you’re on separate paths once again.... [Read More]

New Year, New Feelings

Today has been weird for me. It’s the day before my second term of university and the day that I’ve moved back into halls, ready and eager to get some work done and learn some things. Uni! [Read More]

2017: A Year in Review

It’s that point in the year where streets can seem to be as bright as the sun thanks to house decorations, where advent calendars have been in shops for about two months and where, yet again, I’ve been trying to avoid that song. It’s also a year to the day... [Read More]