There are parts of me that I hide from the world. Online, and in person, I essentially put on a persona - a type of “me” that I want the world to see. And, depending on who you are, I’ll “put on” a different version of me.

All of this is to say that you do not know the entire version of me. You might know some of my hobbies, some of my likes or some of my personality traits, but you do not know me. The full me. The version of me that doesn’t have any filters depending on who you are.

I don’t know the entire version of me. I put on versions of myself for myself, and I can’t put together the full… me in my own head. I know that I act differently around different people, hiding parts of myself, but I can never start to put all the versions together into a conglomerate, since whenever I need to act as two different “me”s, I find that I default to the more reclusive of the options. This means that I just can’t… piece myself together.

You don’t know me. I show you different versions of myself.

How the hell can you claim to know me if even I don’t know me?

I’ll get back to you at some point when I can find something more than just a title to write about.