A Jammy's Journey in London

This has been a great weekend. It was my first time visiting London, and I went to attend a meetup with the community I’m a part of (the Noxsquad, who are people that are fans/friends of the Noxcrew, and RASA Studios, a subset of the Noxsquad that make the gameshow that I’ve talked about on here before).

Things started off on Friday with a train journey into the capital, followed not too long after with missing a tube train (great start, I know). We (RASA people) headed over to Stratford and the Olympic Park which was lovely up until the point that we hurried back to the underground to try to avoid a thunderstorm. We then headed over to the house we were renting for the weekend and settled down there, before heading out that evening to meet the Noxcrew group at a place called the Puttshack.

If you’re not aware, the Puttshack is a little old place where we can get together ( Puttshack baby ). It was a really interesting take on minigolf, having automatic scoring throughout and a scoring system based on number of shots, hazards and bonuses. (I’m also rather proud to have got a hole in one in the bowling-themed hole, even if it was a bit of an accident!) Later that evening, a group of us left and headed over to the Soho Theatre to see the wonderful John Robertson’s Dark Room show. I’ve played through the YouTube version as far as is possible so far and am a member of the Darrenzord (represent!). Sadly I didn’t get the chance to play this time (turns out that Eager Darren was beaten in terms of audience favour by Reluctant Darren/The Artist Formerly Kwown as Darren/Adam), another Darrenzord member), but it was a great evening nonetheless!

Saturday was the day of the official meetup. It was a really great day where we played various Switch and card games, culminating in a dozen-or-so-person game of FUNemployed. I hadn’t seen it before, but it was certainly something to watch people trying not to break character completely during their turn (some cards made that rather difficult, to be fair :-P). It was also a lovely chance to finally meet many of the people that I’ve known for just shy of three years at this point, and I can’t wait for the chance to do something similar again some time soon!

Yesterday was the day that everybody was travelling back home, so it didn’t leave all that much time to do much. Unfortunately, I’d booked my train to leave at about lunchtime so I missed out on a pub meal that the others had, but I did get the chance to head somewhere I probably didn’t need to go to (but really wanted to for some reason):

I really can’t do it enough, and so I need to thank Noxite and everybody at the Noxcrew for putting this meetup on - it was absolutely wonderful to meet you all! Also, thank you Chelsea for sorting out the group house, and thank you to everybody that’s been here to make the past couple of days such an enjoyable time - we should definitely do something some time soon! :-)

And, until next time, o/