How much is worth it?

I’m a part of a community on the internet. That isn’t really much of a surprise these days, but it’s worth noting. This community centres primarily around the game Minecraft - a fact I’m not too keen to let many people know - and a lot of what we do... [Read More]

Throwing Thoughts into the Void

The internet is an amazing thing. I mean, think about it. You plug a box into the wall and you can suddenly connect and communicate with people from all around the world, near enough instantly. That’s insane. It’s given rise to entire new areas of work that didn’t even exist... [Read More]

print("Hello World!")

Every once in a while, I have a thought. It usually goes along the lines of “I should update my website, that should be fun!”. Usually, that’s where it ends, but this time it didn’t. [Read More]