The internet is an amazing thing. I mean, think about it. You plug a box into the wall and you can suddenly connect and communicate with people from all around the world, near enough instantly. That’s insane. It’s given rise to entire new areas of work that didn’t even exist as ideas a few years ago.

Take, for instance, Twitter. I use Twitter every day (probably far much more than I should) and… I don’t know. There’s just an appeal to it. Something about being able to shout your feelings into the void is great at times.

When I think about it, that’s really why I have this blog here. It’s not got any particular theme, or even any regularity, but it’s here for me to write down and put my thoughts out there. It doesn’t matter if anybody reads it (hey, I know that I probably won’t), but it doesn’t matter.

Writing things like this down in a (semi-)eloquent manner can even help me to understand what I think. Half the time, I just don’t know myself. It’s also a lot easier to write posts for here than to try to write fiction.

I’m not quite sure what my point was. I guess, if you’re looking for advice, it would be this: write stuff down. It doesn’t matter if nobody else sees it or even if you don’t save it, because the act of writing will help you understand yourself and your own point of view.

And, until next time, o/