Hi there! If you’ve found this page, then you’ve probably managed to stumble across a website relating to the Noxcrew Survival Server.

I’m a member of a small group called the “Noxite Narrators”, and we have a bit of a habit of going beyond the reasonable limit for doing things when it comes to the NGSS. In a previous incarnation of the server, we created a full 5-part story, where the two main people involved (Noxite and Avondale, the ones streaming their perspective of the events) didn’t know what was going on or what was about to happen; they were reacting on the spot to anything we could throw at them.

In this upcoming version of the server, we have decided to add an extra level of realism to the content we’re creating. Before, we have included an in-game radio station we called BlockFM. This worked for us because we wanted a slightly cheesy way of giving the idea that the world we were in was bigger than we could build it. Having a radio station let us create news stories that hadn’t happened and let people hear about a rich world with lots of things going on. This time around, though, we though that we should make it a bit more real. That’s why we’ve created the Northlands Network website.

So not only are we going to try to create a narrative of some sort, we also genuinely plan on creating the content that we mentioned in the first post on the site. Just don’t expect it too often, okay? :-)

Jammy4312 xoxoxo

(on behalf of the Noxite Narrators: myself, Evul, Sporty and Rob0)