Quiz Game

A single-page “Only Connect”-styled game. Pulls questions from collection that can be added to for technically unlimited gameplay (as long as the host can think of more questions!)
Uses the library hug and uses Materialize CSS.


A website to host gifs from livestreams of the Insomnia Gaming Festival.
Uses a modified Material Design Lite template and an awful lot of tedious work.


A website to provide information about the Noxsquad Gameshow.
Uses Materialize CSS.

Quiz Game

A server-based quiz game. Provides the ability to use specified questions or random questions.
Uses the library hug, interfaces with the Open Trivia Database’s API and uses Materialize CSS.


A website to view the statistics for the Minecraft MMO server Wynncraft.
Interfaces with the Wynncraft Public API and uses Materialize CSS.